How to write Poetry?

You need to observe your surroundings include people, environment, and nature. Pay special attentions to matters people often ignored in hustle.

You can refer to your friends, and your colleagues, and your family members of what they are fond of, and how they comment on your ideas.

Of course, you can consult your teachers, parents, library books, and the Internet resources like “poem”, “poetry”, “poetic”, and “Chinese Poems”, etc.

You can also visit galleries, and photos including those places of interest you encountered before. Moreover, be creative, and relaxed for the joy of the fun of making up poems. You should have noticed how to brush up your use of words with the considerations of the ideas, and the words in your mind. Be cautious that literature is not for beginners. Perfections take time, and do not rush for the make up.


If you want to write a poem, you need to express your feeling with words that you're able to share with the others, otherwise, keep it to your own heart entirely.


The first most impressed was  “雲想衣裳花想容

What're yours impressed words to share among us?


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